Time for | The ArchiPal Revolution

Let’s assume that a potential client has a requirement to build or modify a structure or property. Surely, they would look to an Architect, rather than unqualified or underqualified tradespeople to build required structures. Afterall, Architects have a major responsibility for protecting the health & safety aspects of a build, as well as a duty of welfare to the public.

So, Architects must be in high demand and getting regular work, right?


Let me explain something to you.

The profession is plagued with problems that make it increasingly unattractive as a career.

Architects are operating in a world where companies undercut one another to win contracts– this of course offers little profit margin. Considering the extent of work and responsibility that goes into a project, Architects are earning far too little. In turn, they are under-appreciated, or not appreciated at all.

People need to recognise the value of good design. People need to see that you are selling your skills and expertise.

Ask yourself this, people would approach a lawyer for legal assistance and a doctor for medical assistance, so why do they not approach an Architect for build and design assistance?

There is a false perception that even by simply engaging with an Architect, communication is likely to be expensive. This is evident with the rise of hiring low skilled and unqualified labourers to complete a job at a fraction of the price that an Architect would charge. With such jobs, people will fail to realise the long-term financial implications this poor choice will result in.

And so, it really is no surprise that Architects attempt to undercut one another.

After years of blood, sweat and tears, to obtain a degree that delivers only an understanding about the field of architecture, graduates spend their time or even most of their careers carrying out orders or implementing designs dictated to them by peers.

They leave behind that creative and innovative spark, not to mention their much-lost enthusiasm. Is it any wonder we see young Architects move into differing design disciplines?

These are exactly the frustrations, fears and forecasts for the future of Architects.

An intervention is most definitely required.

The issues that Architects face in practice are well documented, from low wages to long working hours to zero appreciation or recognition.

There needs to be a change, a disruption to the way architecture is delivered, a revival of its importance in society.

That change is ARCHIPAL.

At ArchiPal, our professionals are aptly trained to encapsulate all aspects of work, provide a comprehensive vision, and add value to projects. 

At ArchiPal, our professionals compete on an equal playing field.

At ArchiPal, our professionals have the freedom to express and deliver their creative flair.

At ArchiPal, our professionals are their own boss.

At ArchiPal, our professionals need not stress over winning clients. We do the hard work for you.

At ArchiPal, our professionals are empowered to do what they do best, without compromise.

At ArchiPal, we change the way our professionals deliver safe, innovative and economical projects.

At ArchiPal, we change the way we live, work and connect.

Be part of this change!


Written by Sophina Dodd.