Types of Architectural Services In United Kingdom

types of architectural services in uk

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Architectural services

Architects must be professionally competent, legally recognized, and adhere to a strict code of ethics. In many construction projects, the architect’s job is to lead a team of specialists, including design professionals, architects, consultant quantity, interior designers, builders, and subcontractors.

No other construction professional can give the high level of professional architectural services and skill that an architect can. In your agreement, you and your architect will specify the services to be given, and their cost will be determined by their appointment.

More than just the aesthetics and organization of structures are included in design and planning. It also assures that building plans comply with zoning, building rules, and safety regulations. The planning and design of structures and the management of building projects on behalf of clients are two interconnected but distinct tasks. Such an architect or consultant often provides the following services based on the scale of assistance sought.

The construction contract regime entails the architect acting as the client’s agent in various capacities throughout the construction process to protect the client’s interests, such as assisting with bid negotiations and ensuring that the contractor creates the construction as designed.

Types of architectural services

Design development

The architects use design development drawings to help the client and contractor understand the building before signing final contract documents. The design development phase occurs once a schematic design has been concurred upon and a deeper specification of the final result’s quality level has been established.

Additional cost forecasts aid in determining whether the layout adheres to the baseline budget and, if so, what adjustments are required. This chance for review can make a significant difference in helping the client comprehend the scope, reliability, and cost of a project before the terms of the agreement are finalized, allowing any necessary adjustments to the drawings to be made before construction begins.

Construction documents

The local jurisdictions require certain construction documents in order to secure building licenses. They are also utilized to get bids from the numerous contractors needed to complete the job. After design concepts have been decided, working drawings and specifications are generated as part of the design development phase.

The contract doc phase, which includes the drawings and specifications and other documents prepared during the bidding process, is a formal definition of what the vendor will build. To ensure high-quality finished construction, the architect collaborates with the customer to choose appropriate materials and finishes. Advising on whether your company provides planning permission and preparing the necessary documentation for submission to the local municipality.


The architect aids in the proposal evaluation and the contract formulation between the contractor and client. The architect serves as the owner’s agent, soliciting bids from contractors. By assessing competitive offers, a design can advise on contractor selection. Contract documents, once signed, define the project. An architect can assist the customer in breaking down the submitted bids into apples-to-apples comparisons, ensuring that the client receives the biggest quality and reliability during construction. The architect can also assist the customer in making a contractor selection decision.

Schematic design

Other pre-design services that an architect may give include master planning and historical research on an existing structure or construction site. This procedure guarantees that the building needs are adequately understood before producing construction documents. The architect can assist the client in identifying potential opportunities, cost savings, and added value in the project that they may not be aware of.

The architect discusses numerous choices with the client, going over the many advantages and disadvantages and reacting to client feedback. During the highly engaging phase, an architect assists the customer in making the best decision feasible from the start of the project. During this stage, the architect creates early design sketches and concepts based on the client’s needs and budget in order to explore and depict several options.

Other services

Architects can play a critical role in assisting their clients with the many governmental processes required for repairs or new construction in New Orleans. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Writing specifications and putting together bid alternative
  • Existing or recently finished work is documented in As-Built record drawings.
  • Cost estimation for design alternatives
  • Measurement of existing structures and production of existing structure drawings
  • Research and analysis on master planning
  • Process/integration management and the design team
  • Surveys of project data
  • Regional/cultural background and conceptual design
  • Analysis and design of water and wastewater use
  • Analysis and structure of sustainability and energy use/production
  • Analysis of space utilization, functionality, economics, and pre-design
  • Pre-design planning and project programming
  • Coordination and control of the rating system
  • Interior decoration
  • Analysis of indoor air quality and the interior
  • Site selection, research, and planning
  • Reviewing and designing for accessibility
  • Analysis and design of land use
  • Landscape planning
  • Management and coordination of consultants
  • Research, appraisal, and design for historic preservation


The quantity of work that an architect is required to undertake is reflected in their price, which can be computed in various ways depending on the project and customer choice. Architects can provide all of these services or just a few, depending on the client’s demands. Architects can work on commercial or residential buildings, and they often collaborate with local governments to ensure that neighbourhoods and cities are constructed with safety and perspective in mind. An architect is a specialist with extensive training and expertise in the design of structures.