What is ArchiPal and how does it operate?

ArchiPal- Architects for every home

ArchiPal is a digital marketplace, designed to make accessible and affordable the procedures of hiring desired professionals in the architectural field – tailored to client requirements. Professionals who are listed on this platform will be known as ArchiPals.

ArchiPal has developed a framework for facilitating 2 types of communities – one for architects and clients and the other for Practicing professionals and emerging architects.


A trademark feature, whereby, an e-commerce platform will offer the framework for professionals to sell their services to clients at a fixed price rate, ceasing quotation-based fees. This includes residential and commercial design, as well as bespoke projects.


A subscription-based platform for professionals of all levels (including current architecture students, where they can learn, share their architectural knowledge and further build their careers through a mentorship programme, with ArchiMentors and ArchiTutors.