ArchiPal FAQs

What makes ArchiPal technological and innovative?

ArchiPal will act as an intermediary, providing a digital platform to connect clients to architects as well as services required for executing design projects. The platform will provide applications to assist in tasks such as; site measurements, video conferencing and QR coding. The use of existing technology increases transparency and accountability as well as creating and engaging relationship between the client and architect. It is innovative in its approach as this is a new and original concept, that has not been launched in the market by others, making it unique.

How will a virtual consultancy operate?

Interactive engagement is crucial to any project or renovation – for both the client and the service provider.
Architecture is a high-pressure environment. There are clients to keep happy, deadlines to meet and contractors to work alongside. This is often challenging and time-consuming and can lead to delays, overshooting of budgets, and, at times, result in a loss of revenue.
Through embracing the opportunities provided by modern technology, architects can conduct their work and provide services through data being combined and consolidated in one secure platform.
The use of video conferencing with clients and contractors, virtual reality to scope projects and the use of applications to provide three-dimensional representations of projects will not only be engaging but, it will also be cost-effective and highly efficient, enabling faster turnarounds and reducing the time as well as preventing cost and waste in design and construction projects.