Hire the Best Architect in 3 clicks with ArchiPal

What is ArchiPal and what is the need for such a platform to hire Architects?

ArchiPal is a digital marketplace, designed to make accessible and affordable, the process of hiring desired professionals in the architectural field – tailored to client requirements. The term ‘ArchiPal’, aka Architect, has been specifically coined by ArchiPal Ltd. to identify and create a new band of licenced & accredited architects, consultants & professionals, who are willing to collaborate, innovate and transform the traditional avenues of education and practice of architecture. Thus, all experts listed on this platform are known as ArchiPals.

The need

The rapid rise of well-known intermediaries and consumer platforms have resulted in an increase in online purchasing behaviour. Architecture, as a practice, has also been susceptible to major changes in terms of modern digital technology and many architectural concepts achievable today, were not previously possible due to the technological limitations of previous decades.

Despite this, currently, there is little accessibility to architecture services online and architects are working with an outdated delivery system – not fully utilising the benefits of the digital age. They must adapt to accommodate digital disruption, to ensure that their protected field can continue and succeed in the digital environment.

Research has shown that this lack of accessibility for prospective clients has led to a misconception that only affluent society can afford to hire an architect, evident through aesthetically pleasing visuals of expensive projects and renovations marketed by architects and firms. As a result, clients become detached and disengaged from this service in terms of accessibility and affordability.

Home Interiors

Modern construction no longer appears to be the exclusive domain of architects. Other low-skilled tradesmen, such as contractors and builders have invaded an architect’s core activities, therefore clients don’t deem architects a necessary element of their projects. To fill a void, after marginalising architects, clients often turn to tradesmen and other build and design professionals, which often results in poor quality workmanship etc and clients out of pocket.


Ultimately, clients hold a priority of obtaining their monies worth for services with ease and comfort. This means a marketplace in which services are accessible and affordable. ArchiPal addresses this need through connecting clients to its network of qualified architects and their services – each replicating rate/s for the type of work required, thus, removing quotation-based fees, offering all member architects an equal playing field to gain additional income and increase portfolios.

At ArchiPal we work aggressively to serve the building-related needs of the millennials!